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My Frontend using Cavs Playcdg KJ Deluxe


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F1  Help
F3  Record Singer
F4  Stop Recording Singer
F5   Play Back Singer
Ctrl F5  Open Recordings Folder to Organise Recordings
F6  Left Audio Channel (or toggle Multiplex)
F7  Stereo Channels (or toggle Multiplex)
F8  Right Audio Channel (or toggle Multiplex)
F9  Pitch Music Key Down one semitone
F10  Reset Pitch
F11  Pitch Music Key Up one semitone

Numpad / Adds a Singer to the Rotation List from History or creates a new name
Numpad * In Karaoke Search window, this key will instantly PLAY the highlited song
Numpad * In Kj History Window, this key will add a song to Tonights songs from History
Numpad * In Rotation Window, this key will ask for a songnumber to load and play if you use a numberered database system imported to use.
Numpad - Stops Karaoke song Instantly
Numpad +  Play/Pause Karaoke song depending on if its playing or stopped

+  Play/Pause
-  Stop
[  Sound effects Trigger, then number from 1 thru 0
]  same as numpad Asterisk key (action depends on focused window)
/  Add Singer to Rotation (type new name or select from list)

Alt T  Open Temp Folder to check unzipped song

~  Search for a Song (down arrow for Previous search)
Del  Deletes whatever is under the Cursor (moves bad songs)
Numpad Del Tap once then any Numpad NUMBER for different sound effects
keep pressing numbers quickly to play multiple sounds.

ALT Q  Quit
ALT S  Setup